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WOW - OMG - what a great time!!!! THANK YOU to Robert and Derek for an amazing, proud and wonderful ride down 5th avenue!!!

Brian Kent was on the microphone getting the crowd worked up and having a great time!!!

I was on the back of the truck and have no idea how I never fell off.

GO MURCH on the blades!!!!
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Sunday - Father's Day - Folsom East. Great day - Excellent weather. I decided to not work, volunteer, etc. I really wanted to just hang out with Peter, smoke some cigars and relax.

We did breakfast with the kids, then headed over to 28th street.

Thanks to all those who worked so hard behind the scenes!!! Loved the stage!!!

Can't wait until next year!!!
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What a great event - Thank you to all who pulled this together for doing a great job again!!

I volunteered to work the Silent Auction with Grant. It's easy, hang out, chat, then it ends and all chaos breaks out. Way too funny!!!

Grant - would love to work with you again!!!!
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IML 29 - WOW what a ride. Stressful, exciting, fun. Let's start at the end and work our way back. Out of 52 Contestants, I placed 5th!!! Not too bad since I had never been to IML before and had no idea what I was walking into.

Arrived Wed morning and just unpacked. Trust me, there's a lot to unpack for IML. BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Kyle L for teaching me how to love and care for my boots. Spent Wed making sure they were cleaned and ready for the competition.

Thur night - Pretty easy, Walk on stage, say your name, title, city and your sponsor. Love the mic and the stage. Picked number 20. Now they bring you on alphabetically so I was next to the last guy. I lucked out. This means a Friday AM interview.

Fri AM - Interview with the judges. Wasn't as bad as I thought.

Free until Sat night - so did some shopping in the vendor mart and hung out with friends!

Sat night - Pecs and Personality. Fun and weird all at the same time.

Sun - Need to be ready by 12 and then off to the Chicago Theater for the contest. Rehersal rehersal, then the real thing.

Announcement of the Top 20 - I'm in!!!! Woo Hoo!!! I called home and the kids were shouting for me - Very cool. The wife was also texting Peter as he was watching the contest. At that point, I realized that I didn't need anything else. All I ever wanted was to be an Out Proud Leather man with the support of my family. I have it, so everything else was just the icing.

Time to give my speech. I can vividly remember standing on the stage, waiting, then walking down to the microphone. It has white tape on the left and the on/off button on the right. I took it out of the stand and started my speech. An entire theater filled to hear what I had to say. I LOVE IT!!! I took my time and spoke from the heart and what gives me so much passion!!!

Done finished, now to just wait for the others to take their turn and then the final results.

Landed 5th overall - I'm pretty damn proud.

THANK YOU Derek and Robert for hosting a great victory party at The Eagle!!!

Peter and I worked and pulled and laughed and cried all weekend. What to wear, where do I need to be, who should I meet. We did our own thing and set our own pace and wore what we wanted to wear. No coaches, No entourage - we were just ourselves. OK except for that 1 quick moment when I lost it and called Brian Kent. THANK GOD HE ANSWERED HIS PHONE!!! We're very proud. I say "WE" because I could not have gotten that far at IML without Peter.

What a ride!!!!

p.s. If you ever need a uniform designed for you? I know just the person - RRRRRODRIGO!!!!!
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Held a TEAM EAGLE fundraiser on Saturday May5th. What a lot of work, but what a fun night!!! Brian Kent was the mc auctioneer for the evening. The NY boys of leather sold 50/50 raffle tickets. Without them, we would not have had a successful night. Did you check out our team uniforms? OMG how funny!!!!
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Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend. What a blast. No contest!! Just a great time to hang out, make new friends and meet more of my 2007 classmates. It's all volunteer and the money raised goes toward charities. This was a no brainer on whether to attend or not - DUH!

THANK YOU to all the people who took hours, days, weeks, months to pull this together, so the rest of us could have a great time!!!
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Peter and I were invited as Guests of the owners of The Eagle and Budweiser. What a fun night eating with celebrities. Although I did get in trouble with my daughter for not getting my picture taken with Hillary Duff. What was I supposed to do, I ran into her, literally, right before she went on stage to present an award. But don't worry, I didn't waste the opportunity to recruit any other celebrity for Braking the Cycle.
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Welcome to Porno Bingo!! That's what you'll hear when you come to bingo on Wednesday nights with Will Clark. First, what an amazing man Will is. ALL and I repeat ALL the money that is raised at Porno Bingo goes towards the charity that is there that night. The night I was there, Dean Flynn from Titan was our porno man. His job is to call the numbers and then we auction items off of him. The money raised is being used for the HIV+ Peddlers on Braking the Cycle. Making sure the pos peds have the right kinds of food for such a long ride will totally help them get through all 275 miles.

THANK YOU Will and Dean!!!!
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We had our dinner this past Thursday at Philip Marie restaurant. What a great event. The place was amazing and the food was great. It was so nice to see all these HOT MEN in formal leather get together for a night of friendship and to support NYU's AIDS Research program. Without Grants and fundraisers, they would not be able to do the work they do.

The NYC Eagle
The Leather Man (donated leather officers shirt)
Wesco Boots (Custom pair of boots)
Tom of Finland Foundation
Lucky Tiger
Museum of Sex
DJ M Arana
Movmnt Magazine
Picture This
The Nazca Plains Corp

and YES, this will be an annual event. SO, if you missed this year, we better see you next year!
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This past Friday was the beginning of a once a month party called GRUFF. It's put on by Max Scott. Each month there will be new men, different "activities" and different charities that will reap the benefits of the night. Last Friday, Peter and I helped out Maxx. Charlie Matula was in town. Mr February of Butch Bear calendar, owner of LA Eagle and a GREAT GUY!!!!

This Friday BK's Safer+Saner starts up. Anything that these folks put on will be HOT!!!

OK so I'm getting over this cold and gonna rest up!!!
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